CVDCS – Douma under Chemical Attack

As a part of a systematic plan to evacuate the Syrian Ghouta from its people, the Syrian regime has been shelling the neighborhoods of al-Ghouta with all kinds of weapons since last February. And without any fear or deterrent of any international consequences or reactions, this regime managed to use all sorts of the internationally banned chemical weapons.

From the beginning of last February until the end of March of this year, the Syrian regime bombed the cities of al-Gota with chlorine poison gas in attempt to pressure the people to displace them from their cities.

The Chemical Violations Documentation center of Syria (CVDCS) documented dozens of such violations in Douma, Harasta, Chifonia, Rihan, Hamoria, Beit Sue, Masraba, Haza, Zamalek, and other cities.

Because the city of Douma is the last city resisting the evacuation until now among all the cities of Damascus countryside, the Syrian regime has recently focused its bombardment with various types of weapons as a result  of lack of punishment and the negativity of the international community toward the crimes of the Syrian regime for previous chemical crimes, the regime has returned to the use of toxic gases once again in Douma city on its habitants. Using the Chlorine gas in a combination with the nerve gas (Sarin Gas), according to the medical teams in the city of Douma, based on the clinical symptoms seen on the infected, similar to other cases, in which nerve gas was used.

On Saturday evening, 7 April 2018, at 7:40 pm Damascus time, several missiles hit the city of Douma, killing more than 100 civilians and injuring more than 700 others, some of them seriously, according to certificates of civil defense teams and certificates submitted by medical points to the Chemical Violations Documentation Center of Syria (CVDCS).

– In contact with the medical office of the city of Douma, a doctor assured us that hundreds of people with a poison gas were coming to their center at about 8pm Damascus time. Most of the patients had clinical symptoms (central blue, Cornia burns, froth at the mouth, pinpoint pupils). Symptoms that are incompatible with the use of chlorine gas alone.

The doctor has added,  that the treatment of people has been done by oxygen and bronchodilators, and there were many cases which developed to death cases due to the nature of the gas used, which is likely to be nerve gas (Sarin) in addition to chlorine gas, according to previous clinical symptoms.

And in order to cover the crime, disrupt the civil defense teams, and the medical points, the Syrian regime returned and bombed these places with helicopters loaded with explosive barrels.
Dozens of chemical violations recently, hundreds among the previous years, were committed by the Syrian regime and documented by the

The Chemical Violation Documentations Center of Syria (CVDCS). Most of these were investigated by the relevant international inspection teams, often met with international silence, or silenced by the Veto of the Russian Regime.

We, in the Chemical violations Documentation Center of Syria (CVDCS), call upon the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW to immediately and expeditiously send the relevant investigation teams to the city of Douma to investigate those incidents and for the collection of medical specimens and ammunition remnants.

We also call on the international community to immediately intervene to stop all forms of bombing including chemical weapons – against the Syrian people and to take their responsibilities and commitment according to the international laws for one time before it’s too late toward the Syrian civilians.